Hi guys! Today I just wanna share my disappointment about yesterday. Like I ever said in my previous post that yesterday I should be attended to Indonesia Fashion Week to saw fashion show from local designer here in Indonesia. I wanted to share you guys some collection from Indonesian designer but I am truly apologize I can not share to you. Why? Because yesterday I canceled to saw the show. Let me explain it, in the invitation they wrote that the show will be held at 6 PM until 7 PM. I already came to the spot at 6 PM and the show not started yet so I wait in a long queue. It's very crowded and I didn't lie that the queue was a very long until it seems like letter L queue even some women in front of me decided to go back and didn't watch the show. Then I saw the VIP guest already enter the spot and I saw my queue already walk slowly and then stop and we wait again until the committee said the spot down here already full and please go up to watch it. I was so upset and disappointed and sad at the same time, I said in my heart "are you f kidding me?" then I decided not to watch the show because I know the spot in the up is not a good place to take a picture and beside that I already bad mood with this fashion week. Just for your information, I wait there, standing until my legs feels so pain almost 2 HOURS! And even me and my bf not having dinner yet. The show started almost at 8 PM.

So yeah, even though I didn't watched the show but I took my outfit post there. I wore Batik culottes from local brand here and it still upcoming collection, so if you interest go follow their instagram to see more collection at insee_store.

Top - Unbranded | Culottes - insee_store (local brand) | Necklace - Antyk Butyk (old collection) | Bag & Shoes - Sammydress.com

And for the make up look, here some details.
PS: I'm not a pro on make up. So I just wore minimalist make up look.

BB Cream - Wardah (local product)
Compact Powder - Marina (local product)
Blush On - Maybelline
Eyeshadow - The Body Shop, Maybelline, and Koshize (I combine it all)
Mascara - Maybelline
Lip Matte - Wardah (local product)

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