Merry Christmas

Hello! I hope it's not too late to say Merry Christmas guys! I really hope that you guys have a wonderful Christmas. I'm really sorry I rarely update my blog lately but I'll try my best to keep update my blog as often as before. 
Today I will post about my outfit but unfortunately it wasn't my Christmas outfit. Actually I got a new kind of dress from Jakarta Fashion Week last time but I didn't have time to take a picture with that dress. So yeah.. I wore it on second day of Christmas. I really love this dress (I'm not sure if it is a dress but let me called it a dress, ok?) back to topic, this dress makes a sporty look instantly and not only that the material is quite good and it's easy to mix n match.

Dress - Matahari Dept. Store | Bracelet - H&M | Bag - | Socks - Sox Gallery | Shoes -


  1. Cute!!!

  2. Amazing Outfit,looking beautiful :)
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